3D Warehousing & Logistics

A Full-Service Warehousing Company Serving Hamilton

3D Warehousing & Logistics is a family-owned warehousing business that serves industrial and commercial customers in Hamilton and the rest of Southern Ontario. For over 50 years, our business has been providing safe and reliable warehousing and logistics services.
Drawing of large Hamilton warehouse surrounded by shipping vehicles
Drawing of large Hamilton warehouse surrounded by shipping vehicles


3D Warehousing & Logistics believes that dedication, diversity and dependability are the founding factors of great experience and business operations.


As a family-owned business, we are dedicated to providing a safe, flexible, and open-minded work environment for our team. We believe that these values allow our team to provide excellent service to our customers.


We know that no two businesses in Hamilton, Ontario are the same. That's why we offer diversified services. Our diversified services are meant to appease our customers' unique needs quickly and efficiently.


Our team is proud to step outside the box and go the extra mile to support our customers. No matter the request, you can trust that we will offer reliable and expert storage and distribution solutions for you.


Colourful shipping trucks lined up in Hamilton lot

Cartage & Trucking

Blue Hamilton skyline filled with colourful suspended shipping containers

Containers, Import & Export

Barcode scanner resting atop cardboard box in Hamilton warehouse

Handling & Distribution

A Reliable Warehousing Company In Hamilton

3D Warehousing & Logistics strives to make our client’s storage, handling and distribution simple. Our dedicated warehouse team can fulfill any request with ease and efficiency.

Multiple Locations To Fit Your Needs

Facilities also in Niagara Region, Windsor, Nanticoke

From the beginning, we have been here for our customers


1817 Burlington Street. East, Hamilton, ON, L8H 3L5

Head Office: 1817 Burlington Street. East, Hamilton, Ontario, L8H 3L5


1817 Burlington Street East, Hamilton, L8H 3L5
735 Parkdale Avenue North, Hamilton, L8H 3L5
30 Beach Road, Hamilton, L8L 8K3
580 Rennie Street, Hamilton, L8H 3P5 
1757 Burlington Street East, Hamilton, L8H 3L5