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Waterloo Warehousing

3D Warehousing & Logistics is a full-service Waterloo warehousing service company. In our 50+ years of business, we have helped commercial and industrial companies in Waterloo to take the burden off of their supply chains. It is our goal to help clients simplify their supply chain with our comprehensive service.
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A Reliable Waterloo Warehousing Service Company

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Our Company Cares

3D Warehousing & Logistics knows that our work is important to your company’s growth. That’s why we don’t view your business as a customer but rather as a business partner. Our company will help your business grow with quality Waterloo warehousing solutions. And, you can trust that our heart is in it; our employees are honest, reliable, and efficient workers who care about your goods and equipment from storage to order fulfillment.

Waterloo Warehousing & Logistics Services

We are more than a Waterloo warehousing service company; we offer comprehensive service that can help streamline your supply chain from start to finish. 3D Warehousing & Logistics can help companies in Waterloo store, pack, and ship their goods and equipment. Learn more about the services we can offer you below.

Conveyor belt with boxes for shipping


Conveyor belt with boxes for shipping
Your company needs safe, secure, and reliable Waterloo warehousing to store your goods and equipment before order fulfillment. That’s why our company has warehousing located across southern Ontario. Our warehouses have over 1 million square feet of storage area to hold all of our goods. The storage areas are also temperature-controlled, food-grade, and monitored 24/7 by security employees. You can trust that your products or equipment will be safe in our Waterloo warehousing.
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Pick and Pack

Warehouse employee counting loaded pallets on shelf
Fill orders with the help of our Waterloo warehousing service company. Our employees take great care in picking and packing orders; their detail-oriented nature ensures that orders are correct and packaged safely for shipment. Packaging is environmentally-friend where possible. You can trust that our pick and pack service will streamline your supply chain.
Logistics vehicle loaded with boxes for shipping

Shipping & Transportation

Logistics vehicle loaded with boxes for shipping
Our Waterloo warehousing service company is proud to offer shipping service through a trusted partner transportation company. After orders after been packed, we can start loading your packaged orders onto their trucks. They will deliver your goods from point A to B quickly, ensuring that your customers receive their orders in a timely fashion.

Warehousing Locations

Our Waterloo warehousing service company has locations across southern Ontario to meet your needs and streamline international shipping. Our headquarters are located in Hamilton, along with several of our warehouses. We also have additional warehouses in Windsor, Niagara, and Nanticoke. Your Waterloo company can choose a warehouse that is closest to your manufacturer.

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Are you ready to take the burden off of your supply chain with our comprehensive service? Call our Waterloo warehousing service company today to speak to a member of our staff. We can help make storage and order fulfillment simpler for your Waterloo company.